It seems so simple: a closely-knit community of smaller homes in a beautiful setting. With limited upkeep and maintenance costs.  And, with homeowners sharing responsibility for inviting common areas. All in the heart of one of Northeast Florida’s most beautiful and desirable neighborhoods. Removed from the hustle and bustle. Yet close to everything civilized living requires.

When development began on the Lake Mandarin subdivision in the mid-1970s, all land serviced by Lake Mandarin Circle Way was intended to be one subdivision. By the 1980s the developer had built the patio homes north of Lake Mandarin Circle Way and the traditional homes to the south near the Claire Lane entrance.  The recession in the early 1980s changed those plans. The home building industry stalled and the developer sold the remaining land.

As the country was beginning to recover from the recession, a new developer bought the land south of Lake Mandarin and decided to build a much more compact subdivision with approximately two homes per traditional lot and narrower streets without sidewalks. That subdivision was called the Lake Mandarin Garden Homes.  Over time, we’ve begun to refer to our community as “The Garden Homes at Lake Mandarin” in order to reinforce the distinction.

Two much smaller subdivisions — Andover Place townhomes and the Lake Mandarin Villas — were later built on the northeast and southeast portions of Lake Mandarin.

Some residents, non-residents, and realtors assume that Lake Mandarin, The Garden Homes at Lake Mandarin,  Lake Mandarin Villas, and Andover Place are all part of one subdivision. That is not the case. Each is a separate and distinct subdivision with separate and distinct HOAs/rules and regulations.