As a new homeowner or renter we hope you will enjoy living here and become an active participant in the neighborhood.

The Garden Homes at Lake Mandarin comprise a Deed Restricted Community of 414 homes.  All homes are connected to a neighbor on at least one side. Every dwelling has its own driveway and at least one garage. Every resident is responsible for their individual lawn and home upkeep. A yearly fee is paid to the association for maintenance and upkeep of common areas, the lakes, streets, parks, and playgrounds. Homeowners with property on the lakes pay an additional fee. Because our association owns our streets, planning and saving for their repair and maintenance must be done in advance of need.

A Deed Restricted Community means that we accept and abide by the Covenants and Bylaws which were established for the community. These guidelines enable each resident to live peacefully with our neighbors and encourage home maintenance and lawn care that protect our property values.

Our Association, the Lake Mandarin Garden Homeowners’ Association, has committees who work in teams to promote upkeep and needed changes in our community. You are encouraged to become a part of a committee or a Board Member. Your interest and knowledge may be just what is needed to help promote a nicer, healthier and friendlier place for all of us to live. All participation is volunteer and unpaid.

Association meetings are held monthly, and you are encouraged to attend and bring your questions and input to these meetings. Signs are posted on Lake Mandarin Circle to remind you of upcoming meetings. Meeting notices are also published on this website. All meetings are held at the South Mandarin Library at 12125 San Jose Blvd. Please come.

In a close community like ours we are watchful for each other, so we encourage you to get to know your neighbors and be aware of your surroundings. Promoting safety is good for everyone.

Respect for each other and concern for our property makes The Garden Homes at Lake Mandarin a wonderful place to live. Our promise to each other is to keep it that way.

Owners and renters are eligible to sign up as members on this website, to learn about neighborhood news and events, post a profile, and exchange messages and comments. Simply register under the Owners & Residents menu above.

Welcome to the neighborhood!