Four models — the Azalea, the Blossom, the Camellia, and the Dogwood — were built in this subdivision. The first homes were built and occupied in May of 1982. The last homes were occupied by 1984.

Sketch from the developer’s marketing brochure.

4 Home Plans Were Built, With Custom Touches & Variations.

The homes are small by today’s standards. They range in size from 930 square feet to 1132 square feet. The Azalea has only one bathroom. Only the Dogwood has a two-car garage. Only the Blossom has three bedrooms. Over the years, some owners have enclosed patios and garages to create more rooms.

Designed for singles, couples, and small families, these homes were marketed to young professionals and retirees. They remain a great choice for singles, couples, and small families.

They don’t work well for large families or those with more than two vehicles, due to the small houses, narrow streets, short driveways, and close quarters. Parking is not allowed in the streets.