According to the City of Jacksonville (COJ), Plats are the controlling legal documents for subdivisions and HOAs in the City. The table below provides a summary of the Plats, Units, and Streets for the Garden Homes at Lake Mandarin.  Note the following. 

  1. The legal name of the HOA is the Lake Mandarin Garden Homes Owners Association (LMGHA). We also do business as (DBA) The Garden Homes at Lake Mandarin.
  2. The 9 Plats below are listed in order of development which began in 1982 at Catamaran Way, proceeded around Lake Mandarin Circle, and ended at Chappi Way in 1984.
  3. Plat 14 covers an adjacent subdivision, The Villas at Lake Mandarin. It is listed here to avoid confusion about the numbering scheme.  The PDF for Plat 14 is not included on this site. 
  4. The table serves as an Index for those who wish to access the PDFs that follow. 
Plat Units Streets
7 A Catamaran Way West
B Excalibur Way West
C Donzi Way West
8 A Glenn Mottin Way North and Atwood Way
B Lancer Way and Warrior W
C Robalo Way
D Glenn Mottin Way South
9 A Sea Fury Way, Skipjack Way, and Malibu Way South
B Ricky Court Way and Islander Way
C Regatta Way, Skipjack Way North, and Malibu Way North
10 Excalibur Way East and Donzi Way East
11 Godfrey Way and John Dory Way
12 A Stinger Way and Tiara Way East
B Tiara Way West
13 Tremolino Way
14 The Villas at Lake Mandarin (a separate HOA)
15 Chappi Way