–An easement is a right to cross or otherwise use someone else’s land for a specified purpose.

–The HOA owns all easement rights within the subdivision.

–All Common Areas and Residential Lots are subject to easements.

–The HOA does not own any residential lots or dwellings on those lots.


–The width of the interior back lot line easement is7 ½ feet as measured from the exterior  back lot line.

–The width of the interior side Lot line easement is 5 feet as measured from the exterior side Lot line.

–The width of the easements along the rear and side of the dwelling is 7 ½ feet as measured from the rear and side of the dwelling.



–Easements around Lots are for the ordinary maintenance of homes on adjoining Lots.

–They are for installation, maintenance, and use for equipment providing water, sewer, cable TV, electricity, and other utility services.

–The 7 1/2) foot easements along the rear and side lines of dwellings referenced herein are reserved exclusively for installation, maintenance and repair of lines, conduits, and facilities for the supply of electricity.

–Drainage flow shall not be obstructed.

–If a dwelling is partially or permanently destroyed and rebuilt, the Owners of the adjoining Lot(s) must allow construction encroachments.

–The Owners of the Lots have no ownership of any pipes, lines, or other equipment or facilities placed on, over, or under their Properties.

–All such easements are and shall remain private easements and the sole and the exclusive property of the Association and its successors and assigns.

–Jacksonville Electric Authority (JEA) provides water and sewage service to all Lots.

–JEA has a right to go in, to, over, and under property for the purpose of installing and/or repairing water and sewage facilities.

–No well can be drilled on any lot to provide water inside the dwelling.

–A well can be drilled for the exclusive use of the yard or garden.

–All sewage must be disposed of through JEA’s sewage lines.

–Water from air-conditioning systems or swimming pools cannot be disposed of through the sewer system.


–The HOA reserves the benefit of HOA members to access the lakes.